Provision of lifesaving service coverage

According to the P / D Serial No. 31 (05-04-2018), beaches identified as crowded, and all swimming pools (independent dimension and depth) require lifeguard cover.

Lifeguard coverage is defined by coast guard authority.The supervisor of the beach shall, monitor from a tower, or by conducting patrols, or (if at sea) with motorized lifeboat, within 300 meters either side of the tower.

The lifeguard is to be equipped with all the required equipment (portable and medical) as defined in the aforementioned F / W.The monitor is to be on duty during the months of June, July , August and September ; during the hours of 10:30 to 17:30 (except in cases where shorter or longer duration is requested).
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The company's philosophy is to enable municipalities and tourist enterprises to ensure safety in bathing areas, while simultaneouslyoffering employment opportunities in rural and local areas.

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