The company was founded on the occasion of the P / D sub. No. 23 of 2000 which concerns the compulsory lifeguard coverage of the busy coasts. Businessman Mallinis Grigorios was the first to realize the need for the presence of a company that will provide lifeguard services. Thus was born BAYLINE services L.T.D. With a lot of appetite and work this company developed and very quickly gained the trust of the market and the public


Today we feel really proud because beyond what we achieved we did not stay there, but we go even further forward even stronger. After many years of experience through the services we have offered, it has gained prestige towards students and the credibility of its partners (Municipalities-hotels) while by participating in many exhibitions and conferences in Greece we contribute to the dissemination of the lifeguard idea that we represent all this. the years.


Our family grew up, young people with skills and appetite came to us to offer their services but also experienced and renowned people advise and guide us.


We are really proud of our people and we invite all of you who have an appetite to come next to us, with us, in our family.

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